Wednesday, April 1, 2020

From Glasgow to Edinburgh in a day trip

For those of you who are looking for an exciting and memorable trip full of cultural experiences - search no further. Modern buildings and street culture communities, hundreds of pubs and restaurants or memorials, monuments and tons of history. In two cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh, there is so much to see and do.

Top Reasons to Visit Glasgow
Glasgow is the Scottland’s biggest city. It started as an industrial city and later formed into a cultural hub for the nation. Here you can spend days and days while looking at the amazing architecture and stunning sightings and here are just some of them:

The medieval Glasgow Cathedral or the Neo-Gothic University of Glasgow which is rumoured to be the inspiration for Harry Potter's Hogwarts.
If you are more of a modernist fan check the award-winning transport museum - Riverside Museum, as it reveals the transport history of the city.
Glasgow Catedral, also known as St. Mungo Cathedral or the High Kirk of Glasgow is one of the most popular and stunning historical building which dates from 12th century. The museum is one of the top destinations to visit for free.
Glasgow is also known as a UNESCO City of Music, therefore you can visit many pubs where you can enjoy the local music scene. Glasgow is home of many independent boutiques and fashion venues, which you can find at the area between Buchanan Street, Argyle Street and the Merchant City. For the foodies amongst you, Glasgow has an impressive gastronomic scene! It’s a home of one of the best modern restaurants and some big street food festivals, such as the Big Feed food festival. You can enjoy quality classic Asian and Mexican kitchens and fresh Scottish seafood or delicious burgers, wood-fired pizzas and vegan delights.

So far you have enjoyed the big city, now it’s time to switch the destination of your day trip to Edinburgh. Whether you are a student who arrived in Scottland or you just want to visit something different, my tip is to take a taxi. It’s very comfortable and it’s so fast to arrive on time. Recently, I've travelled from Glasgow to Edinburgh airport with taxi and it took me approximately 50 minutes to reach the destination. So consider that way for transport.

One Day in Edinburgh
Edinburgh is Scottland’s capital and it’s the second-most populous city in Scotland after Glasgow. It’s a town with much more museums and attractions than you think. If you consider visiting Edinburgh for a day, you should start from the Edinburgh castle - it’s one of the most recognizable architectures in whole Scottland and even in the entire world. It stays on the top of the town and has an amazing view of the city’s beautiful gardens and buildings. In the shadows of the Edinburgh Castle is the Princes Street Garden - a beautiful public park full of romantic benches, historical statues and more. It’s filled with floral displays which you can enjoy while getting a break and then you can explore the statues and monuments around the town. Some of the most famous include the statues of Adam Black, David Livingstone, and Wojtek the bear, and the monument honouring Sir Walter Scott on the eastern side of the park. If you are hungry I recommend you to get a bite in the park, because there are numerous small dinner places and you can sit and enjoy Edinburgh’s great views. Then if you follow the legendary Royal Mile, you will see multiple pubs and restaurants where you can enjoy your afternoon coffee or a pint of local cold ale. Later you’ll reach the historical Museum of Edinburgh and it will cost nothing to visit it! So if this doesn’t make you want to visit those stunning cities I don’t know what will.

HopefullyArticle Search, you enjoyed my little journey picks. What are your favourite places in Glasglow and Edinburgh and did you find more exciting things to do during your trip?

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